Dynalite Servicing and Maintenance

Phillips Dynalite lighting control systems are more than turning a light on or off. It is an advanced system that allows the accurate and economical control of lighting throughout a premises.

Dynalite is not limited to just control of lights but is powerful enough to control anything from blinds through to heating, ventilation and air conditioners.

The systems are designed to create a comfortable and productive working environment by adjusting the strength of lighting within a space according to the needs of the area. This also helps improve the energy efficiency of the business by reducing artificial light when not required.

At Tiger Electrical Solutions we have electricians with Phillips Dynalite accreditation who are experienced to ensure your system is operating correctly and to keep the building as energy efficient and comfortable as possible. This includes the following services:

  • Functionality and schedule changes
  • Fault finding and system diagnosis
  • Scheduled maintenance and system performance reviews
  • Components replacements and repairs
  • Programming and control of DALI light fittings
  • Commissioning of Dynalite systems
  • Upgrading/replacement of existing systems to Dynalite
  • System design and consulting

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We can offer multiple services to assist with maintaining these systems:

Dynalite systems allow schedules to be set to turn lighting throughout a building on and off at pre-set times to make sure that lighting is not being left on when not in use. This is great for energy efficiency and allows greater lamp life. Changes in business schedules will mean a change in schedules for your system. Tiger Electrical Solutions can assist with changes to system functionality and schedules.

When a Dynalite system has a fault and does not operate as normal this can cause a flow-on effect of issues throughout a building, whereby multiple areas can be without lights. Tiger Electrical Solutions can assist with finding the root cause of these breakdowns and repairing accordingly.

As systems age there is always a chance of parts failures resulting in downtime and breakdowns within your Dynalite system. Tiger Electrical Solutions can replace and repair all components in systems as required. As well as being Phillips Dynalite accredited all our technicians are also licensed electricians which means no there is need to engage extra contractors for parts replacements.

Dynalite systems can incorporate DALI lighting control. Tiger Electrical Solutions technicians are proficient in the programming of these DALI systems and can assist with the system integration into DALI systems with the Dynalite product.

Tiger Electrical Solutions can assist with commissioning Phillips Dynalite systems that have been installed by an electrical contractor and not commissioned. Without commissioning the system it will not operate as required therefore causing the system to not have full functionality.

Old lighting control systems can become unreliable and may not withstand changes in technology therefore making the system redundant. Tiger Electrical Solutions offer the option to replace an existing system with Phillips Dynalite. Call us to discuss the option of a system upgrade or replacement if your current system is not operating as intended.

Our technicians are experienced to design and install Dynalite systems, or through a streamlined consultation process can provide advice and commissioning for electrical contractors as required.