Level 2 Electrician

The role of a level 2 electrician is extremely critical for any home, office, or industrial complex because these specially trained electricians are authorised to connect or disconnect a property to or from the power network. At Tiger Electrical Solutions, we provide a complete range of level 2 electrical services in Sydney for residential, commercial, as well as industrial purposes.

As an authorised level 2 electrical service provider, we are capable of handling network services that connect to your property, starting from the street. As our service is available around the clock, we can help you right away if anything goes wrong with the network services going into your property.


Tiger Tails Installation: We provide Tiger Tail installation and hire service.

Tiger Tails are an effective visual aid in the prevention of electrical accidents on residential and commercial sites.

Power Supply Plan

UV damage and defect notice repair service: If you have received a defect notice from your energy company stating UV damage, UV damage to wires, or bare insulation then you need to address this before your energy company disconnects your power, normally within 30 days. This is often known as UV damaged consumer mains repairs.

New Connections: Electricity services can enter your premises in many different ways. The most common means employed by us is an overhead service line initiating from a network pole and terminating at a certain set point within the building. We also install service lines as an underground service originating from the network. This involves excavation from the private pillar or meter box all the way to the nearest point of the closest network pillar or turret. Under special circumstances, we also combine the above two methods, commonly known as Under Ground to Over Head.

Metering Services: Before the use of electricity, it must be metered so that the usage can be monitored and recorded. We offer electricity metering services for many different situations including three phase upgrades, temporary builders’ services, switchboard upgrades, new meter installations, and electric supply combination or separation.

Poles, Pillars, & Brackets: We are the local specialist level 2 electrical contractors for all types of services related to power poles, pillars, and brackets.

Why Choose us

The job of a level 2 electrician demands a specialised knowledge and skillset. Over the years, we have emerged as one of the most reliable operators within this space throughout Sydney. Please contact us today to discuss your next level 2 electrical project.