Tiger Electrical Solutions provides the following electrical services:


Do you require an electrical installation in your home?

Here is a list of just some of the electrical installations we provide:

  • Power points
  • Ceiling fans
  • Ovens
  • TV / Phone Points
  • IXL / exhaust fans
  • RCD protection
  • Light fittings
  • Security lighting
  • Surge protectors

Electrical Maintenance

Tiger Electrical Solutions can provide a regular electrical maintenance service on your home. Our electrician will inspect your home to ensure all fixtures are operating safely and effectively. We will identify and repair any electrical fault within your home to ensure it is up to date with current regulations.

Electrical Repairs

Tiger Electrical can carry out repairs to any faulty electrical fixture you may have in your home. This includes faulty power points, light fittings, globes, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, IXL units and smoke alarms.


There is nothing worse than faulty or inadequate lighting in your home. Tiger Electrical can repair / replace any light fitting or globe that is faulty. We can also install additional lighting to enhance the look and brightness of your home. We provide the supply and installation of sensor lighting to light up the outside of your home or scare away any intruders. We will advise of the most cost effective light fittings to save you money.


We specialise in extending and rewiring electrical supplies for all renovations including lofts, granny flats, second storey, office fitouts and commercial premises. We also overhaul old wiring, install safety switches, design and upgrade switchboxes, and all related work.

Hot Water Repairs

Do you have no hot water or problems with it heating up? Our electricians can repair your electrical hot water system, this normally includes replacing the element or thermostat to restore your hot water.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is a must have item during the hot seasons. Tiger Electrical Solutions can replace a faulty existing ceiling fan you may have or install a new one to any room in your home.

IXL / Exhaust Fans

An IXL is a unit that contains a light globe, heat globes and fan installed in your bathroom. It provides heat during those cold mornings and extracts steam from the bathroom. Tiger Electrical Solutions carry out the replacement and installation of IXL / exhaust fan units to your bathroom.

Stove and Oven Repairs

Tiger Electrical Solutions have experience in repairing stove and ovens that are not working correctly or having trouble heating up. We will investigate the unit and repair any faults. The unit may be beyond economical repair and we will happily supply and replace the whole unit for you.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives! By law each home must have smoke alarms installed. Tiger Electrical Solutions can provide the installation of new smoke alarms, testing of existing alarms and replacement if any faults are found.

Phone and Data Cabling

Our team of electricians have the experience to provide repairs, replacement and installation of TV points, phone points and data cabling throughout your home or office.

Switchboard Upgrades

Tiger Electrical Solutions can provide switchboard upgrades to your home or business. A switchboard upgrade includes the replacement of switchboard panel and fuses and replacing it with a new panel with circuit breakers and safety switches. The benefit of a switchboard upgrade is to improve safety of the electrical installation in your home and protecting all existing circuits.

House Rewires

Older houses might contain old dangerous wiring, posing significant risk to you and your loved ones. It is recommended that older wiring be replaced with double insulated wiring, and cable junctions be enclosed in junction boxes. All fuses should be replaced with circuit breakers and RCD and the earthing system of your installation should be upgraded. We believe in safety for your home and this is why we provide house rewiring.

Surge Protection

Surge protection protects your expensive electrical equipment during a storm or loss of power. Surge protection boards can be purchased but buying multiple boards can be costly. Tiger Electrical Solutions can install surge protection on all of your power points quickly and more cost effectively.

Power Points

We can provide the installation and repairs of power points in your home. Do you have a faulty or broken power point in your home? Don’t risk it, call Tiger Electrical Solutions to replace it for you. Our handy electricians can replace your single power points to a double power point and can install additional points for your electrical appliances.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Scans of electrical infrastructure is a critical part of preventative maintenance schedules as it is a great tool in discovering potential faults that will cause down time and loss of production to your business.  This procedure is conducted by certified technicians that are licensed electricians and hold Thermography accreditation’s.